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Preserve Your Old Photos

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Preserve your treasured, physical photos by scanning them into digital files that can be shared with your family, posted on social media, and saved on the cloud. Prevent, water damage, discoloration, and accidental tears to ruin your treasured photos forever. Making digital copies allows you to make as many backups as needed—so you never have to worry about losing your entire family history in the event of a flood or fire.

Special Handling: Scan with Nan offers special handling for photos that may need to be removed from albums or other storage. While every care is taken to preserve your photos when handling them, damage or loss may occur.

Sorting: Tired of searching through all of your photos for that wedding photo or birthday picture for your projects? We can now sort your photos based on specific events, by people, or at your custom request.

Each photo and/or document is available for customers to transfer into their own cloud/electronic storage devices. Satisfied customers have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their photos and documents are safe from unanticipated misfortunes such as flooding, house fires, and thefts.