How to Package Your Photos for Shipping

Once you’ve ordered your scanning services through Scan With Nan, your next step will be shipping your photos to Nandi. Please follow the steps below to ensure your photos arrive safely and securely.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Choose an envelope. Select an envelope that is either durable paper or plastic that is slightly larger than the photos you are shipping. The United States Postal Service offers free shipping envelopes that should fit most photos.
  2. Bag the your photos. Place your photos in a plastic sleeve or Ziploc bag to protect them during transit.
  3. Prepare cardboard backing. Cut a thick piece of cardboard slightly larger than your photos and insert it into an envelope.For extra security, use two pieces of cardboard or pasteboard to enclose the item and tape along the sides taking care not to damage the paper collectible in between.
  4. Pack your photos. Insert the bag of photos being shipped in the envelope. Fold and tape the envelope to fit the item (already enclosed in cardboard), if needed, to keep it from moving around in the envelope while in transit.
  5. Address the envelope. Address the envelope carefully to avoid damaging the photos. Remember that a marker might seep through the paper and ballpoint pens can leave an imprint right through the envelope. Use a stick-on label if these issues are a concern.

If your photos cannot fit in an standard or large envelope, please contact ScanWithNan for assistance.