Saving Memories

Preserve your irreplaceable photographs, documents, and slides by digitally scanning them through Scan With Nan.

Step 1

Start by ordering your scans through our website by picking your preferred options of scanning, sorting, and handling.

Step 2

Once you place your order, you will receive an email with instructions to mail your photos to Scan with Nan!

Step 3

After we receive your photos, Nandi will scan them based on your preferences and get them all ready for you to share!

Step 4

When Nandi is all finished, she will securely package your photos and send you the digital files in a flash drive.

What Scan With Nan Does

Scan with Nan is a custom digital scanning business, that scans irreplaceable photographs, and documents onto memory drives to preserve for posterity. Each photo and/or document is then available for customers to transfer into their own cloud/electronic storage devices.

Satisfied customers have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their photos and documents are safe from unanticipated misfortunes such as flooding, house fires, and thefts. Grandma’s albums can now be used to trace family roots or to share priceless photos on social media.

Meet Nandi Isaac

Nandi Isaac is the lively founder of Scan with Nan who was born with Down Syndrome and is legally blind.

From early on, she recognized her God given gifts and abilities. Surrounded by a host of supporters, she has leveraged the reality of her challenges, to impact her world.

She proudly serves on several State Disability Boards, helping guide policy around disability. She’s also an active member of the Middle Georgia Toastmaster’s Club where she loves to share her unique perspective and tell a mean joke!

"When a tornado tore through my town of Macon, I met people who had lost everything. Their greatest regret was not saving their precious albums and photos. Saving Memories became my mantra and Scan with Nan was born"

Nandi Isaac, Founder of Scan With Nan