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ScanWithNan is a custom digital scanning service that will scan your irreplacable photographs and documents onto CDs, DVDs, memory sticks and thumb drives, or even custom memory albums. Each photo or document is then available for you to save on your own electronic storage device, like a digital photo frame or a hard drive.

You can then also store the files in the 'cloud' using backup services, or we can make them available for you in online albums, picture galleries or even flash presentations! We can create custom DVD presentations which you can copy and give to friends!

Our satisfied customers have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their photos and documents are safe from unanticipated misfortunes such as floods, fires or thefts.

Nandi Isaac Scanning
Photo Albums, Documents, Art - all are potential source files, and potentially lost to catastropy!

ScanWithNan! Precious Memories - we can never re-create them but we can cherish and preserve them through PHOTO SCANNING! Just think where your precious photos or documents are now. Are they yellowing and curling in old photo albums, maybe tucked away in dusty boxes in the attic? When was the last time you actually looked at them or shared them with others?

We will scan your photos so they are easily preserved and shared. We can even create unique photo books; with your pictures in digital form you can honor those 'WOW' moments - a triumphant glance, joyous tears, and all of the simple pleasures of life!

Whether photo books, CDs, DVDS, digitally stored images, galleries etc., you can celebrate occasions such as Weddings, a New Baby, Graduation, Retirement (and of course many more!),

Why risk losing your precious memories in a fire, flood or theft? Don't! Instead, let us SAVE them for you on CDs, DVDs, Photo Books, Galleries or other display and preservations methods. Our services are convenient, with a LOCAL drop-off and pickup location, in your community. All photos & documents are individually HAND-SCANNED, NOT run en-masse through machines that could damage frafile prints or documents. Photos are expertly evaluated for quality prior to scanning. Nandi has participated in Photo Competitions, has experience organizing photos and text, to create unique photo books and digital copies. Saving your memories is the best gift you can give yourself (or a loved-one!). Happy Camera
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